Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning
We offer the following services for residential and Commercial
  • Standard window cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning which involves razor blades steel wool or specially designed pads to really get in deep and give your glass that perfect shine it once had.
  • Glass restoration which involves the removal of hard water stains.
  • Shower door cleaning and shower door restoration.
  • Tint removal.
  • Mirror cleaning.

Every one of our technicians have been properly trained to be safe, efficient and courteous while they are on your property or business. Our number one priority is Safety First.

Contact us today at ( phone number) to get your free estimate and had that beautiful view again.
We encourage our customers to send pictures via email or text messaging. We find this to be the best way to actually make the customer feel more at home. It also allows them to be able to continue with their day without having to wait for someone to come give an estimate. We are insured up to three stories for homes, buildings, apartment complexes and storefronts.An educated customer is a happy customer. Window cleaning isn’t always easy that’s why people call for help. windows can be very tricky at times so why not allow us to help you understand the ins-and-outs of window cleaning?

Our methods for cleaning glass go Way Beyond normal measures.
We do not rush jobs. We leave only when our customer is completely satisified. It is the very foundation of what we have built our company upon, repete customers are pivotal to our success. We won’t stop until you are happy and your windows gleam! There’s something very pleasing inside to know a customer is very happy and that you gave them that beautiful shine on each and every piece of glass. We strive for nothing shy of perfection.

Our system for cleaning glass
We like to call it a three point system.
Number one
Identify what type of glass you have is very important. Some glass may need more attention or extreme caution should be used while doing first cleanings. Some glass may be old and extra care and precaution must be taken when handling them. Glass that has been exposed to harsh environmental factors and sun exposure need to be addressed very differently.

Number two 
As cracks, scratches, compromised insulated units seals that need replacement, loose panes of glass and etc need to be taken in consideration. After inspecting the glass we allow our customers to be aware of any issues that we find or that may arise during a cleaning. Ultimately by pointing these things out to our customers they feel more comfortable that they’re in good hands. We won’t charge you more but we give you a realistic viewpoint regarding your glass for your budget!

Number 3
Our technicians will go over a step by step process on how we plan to treat your windows and what the end result will be. After every window is thoroughly washed our technicians will inspect each window to make sure all corners have been wiped, frames have been detailed, window sills have been cleaned, and an inspection has been done to see if anything has been missed. During interior cleaning, all technicians shall wear boot covers, shall not splatter on various surfaces in the house, shall refrain from moving objects (we shall ask you to move any obstructions from the window area beforehand).

You can rest assured that your windows both inside and out shall sparkle upon our leaving.

We truly hope that you now have a better understanding of the way we pride ourselves on our work and in providing the absolute best service possible is something we stake our reputation upon. Let us make your home shine.

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